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This is a listing of my favorite movies, in no particular order. This page has all the comedies, and this page contains all the dramas.


A couple of friends of mine, for argument's sake let's call one "Derek" and the other one "Hansel," really didn't like this movie. But I said, what's the dealio-yo?  Who you tryin' to get crazy with, ese? Don't you know I'm loco?  Bottom line is that some people actually *could* find this stupid, but that's the whole point. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson pair up for a tremendous run as male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel (he's so hot right now, Hansel).  I laughed my chiseled abs off throughout this movie, then bought the DVD and laughed again. And again. Not the most mature movie fare you will ever come across, but so what?  It's a laugh riot, and over-the-top campy/funny.

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery

Yea baby! It's Shaggalicious. I'll be honest, I wasn't crazy about this Mike Myers vehicle when I saw it the first time. But I found myself thinking back and laughing at several funny scenes. I then rented it again ... and again, and now it's quickly on its way toward becoming a cult classic.



Dumb & Dumber

Check your maturity at the door for this one, folks. It's not exactly Bill Shakespeare, far from it. The Ferrelly Brothers (There's Something About Mary, Kingpin, Fever Pitch) gave Jim Carrey a script and then just let him go. Carrey, as Lloyd Christmas, and Jeff Daniels, as Harry Dunn, are hysterical together as they make their way to Aspen to return a briefcase to Mary Sampsonite, er, Swanson. This movie has too many hysterical moments to mention, but suffice it to say, "I like it ah lot."

Animal House

Oh boy, is this great?! National Lampoon's classic is the all-time champ, in my humble opinion. The collection of funny scenes and great quotes from this movie is overwhelming. Often imitated, never duplicated. Better listen to me, I'm pre-med. At right, the Deltas celebrate with a new group of pledges (he can't do that to our pledges ... only *I* can do that to our pledges).



A darn close second. This movie features timeless performances by the late Ted Knight ("How 'Bout a Fresca?"), Bill Murray, Chevy Chase ("I like you Betty") and of course, Rodney Dangerfield ("Hey Whitey, nice hat!"). This movie documents the hilarious goings-on at Bushwood Country Club (where gambling is illegal), and quickly became a cult classic. Just once I'd like to play a round of golf without making a "Caddyshack" reference. Not in this lifetime.  This movie also wins the prize for worse sequel -- Caddyshack II was so bad it's not even worth making fun of (Dan Akroyd, what the heck were you thinking?).

Back to School

Speaking of Rodney Dangerfield, how can anyone leave this one out? It's Rodney being Rodney for a good hour-and-a-half, with some great supporting performances, including a classic one by Robert Downey Jr., and a cameo by Kurt Vonnegut (hey Kurt, do you read lips?).  Wonderful role by the late Sam Kinnison as an excitable history professor (ok, not really Sam "acting," but damn it was funny), and some darn good quotes.



Chevy Chase delivers a powerful performance in this, the second-funniest National Lampoon movie of all time. Clark W. Griswald and family trek across the country in the family truckster, and the laughs ensue. The sequel (European Vacation) really sucked, but they rebounded quite nicely with Christmas Vacation (although the kids kept changing). Still, the original was by far the best.


As good as Chevy Chase was in Vacation, he far surpassed that performance as reporter Irwin M. Fletcher, tracking down bad guys including Tim Matheson (Animal House). How many lines have come from this movie? ("You and your wife are currently alive, are you not?" "What kind of name is Poon?" and "Come on guys, it's all ball bearings nowadays.")...I could go on, but I think you get my point. If you'll excuse me, I've got an appointment with Dr.RosenRosen.


Who could forget this timeless classic, written by one of the same guys (Harold Ramis) who collaborated on Animal House. Bill Murrray and Ramis are magic together, with John Candy (Ox) delivering one of the finest performances of his career. And who could forget Sgt. Holka, the big toe? (Welcome to It'ly, gentlemen.) That was for you, Dave.

Night Shift

An underrated movie, but one featuring excellent comedic performances by Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler. Our heroes play two NYC morgue guys who become pimps (that old story, but it works!). Keaton is especially hilarious as Billy Blazejowksi (especially the scene in the barber shop "I wash my hands and feet of you!"). This movie also features a cameo by the young Kevin Costner (look for him next time).

Spinal Tap

This rock documentary (this rockumentary, if you will) featured the hilarious escapades of Britain's loudest rock n' roll band trying to squeeze the last precious moments out of their careers. Nigel, David, and Derek (Smalls, he wrote this) get tons of laughs, and deliver some hilarious quotes ("I don't want this, I want LARGE BREAD"; "There's a fine line between clever and stupid"; or "No we're not going to f---ing do Stonehenge tomorrow night!"). Directed by Rob "Meathead" Reiner, this movie also has tons of great cameos.

Bull Durham

This movie is billed as a "romantic comedy," and it certainly was that, but it was so much more. The main plot line is a romantic involvement between Kevin Costner and Susan Sarandon, but to me, the "other" parts of this movie make it the classic that it is. It's full of great quotes, great comical moments, and great dialogue.

The Dude abides...

The Big Lebowski

Take er easy, Dude.  Not only does this movie supply its audience with a cornucopia of great quotes, it is just funny from beginning to end. 'Vere'z the money, Lebowski.' And I'm sorry, but any movie with Nihilists has to be funny.  That's a rule.  Anyway, Jeff Bridges is great as "The Dude." John Goodman gives what I think is the finest performance of his career, and Steve Buscemi and John Terturro shine in smaller parts. Throw in a couple of carpet urinators and the above-mentioned Nihilists, and let the laughter ensue.  How good is this dialog? -  "Darkness washed over the Dude -- darker 'en a black steer's tookus on a moonless prairie night."

Check out the Big Lebowski "Random Quote Generator Page" -- it's as good as the name implies.


Meet the Parents

Are you a pothead, Focker? ... The circle of trust. ...  I've got my eyes on you. ... Bolivian wormwood. ... Puff the Magic Dragon. ... I've quite simply LOST TRACK of the amount of quotes I use from this movie, which was absolutely hysterical. Who knew DeNiro could be funny?  As he was wacking guys or playing his various dramatic roles, I never saw this side of him, but he has the gift of comic timing, great facial expressions ... the whole package. Throw in a great performance from Ben Stiller, an unforgettable small performance by Owen Wilson, and it's just a great comedy from beginning to end.

The circle of trust...

Johnny Dangerously

This was an underrated movie that was suggested to me by a couple of friends, and thinking back on it, I just had to include it. A bunch of great lines came out of this movie, including: "My mother hung me on a hook once.  Once!" or the ramblings of Roman Moroni (You fargin' iceholes!), and the "grapevine" gag when Johnny is in prison is one of the funniest moments I've seen in a long time. Also, the priest walking Johnny to the electric chair was hilarious! Throw in a great performance by a well-cast Joe Piscopo, and this is just a great movie.

Groundhog Day

That's right, woodchuckers, this comedy tour de force by Bill Murray makes the list as well. Our buddy Bill plays a Pittsburgh weatherman sent to cover Punxatawney Phil's annual rite of late winter, but is trapped to repeat the same day over and over and over again. Directed by Harold Ramis (Animal House writer, great director), this one packs a lot of laughs. Plus, it features one of the funniest bit parts I've ever seen on film, turned in by Stephen Tobolowsky as one Ned Ryerson. Bing!  Watch out for that first step, buddy, it's a dooousy!

Finally, it has one of the best lines ever in a movie -- "Do you ever have have Deja Vu, Mrs. Lancaster?" to which Mrs. Lancaster responds: "I'm not sure but I could check with the kitchen."


The Princess Bride

Truly one of my favorites, for a bunch of reasons. So many great lines -- and great cameos.  Billy Crystal, although on screen for only 5 minutes, is tremendous as Miracle Max ("True love is indeed the greatest thing, except maybe a mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, when the mutton is nice and lean.").  Wallace Shawn - "You fell for the one of the classic blunders. The first is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less known is this, never go in against a Sicilian, when death is on the line!" The funny lines just keep coming. Great performances by Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon and Christopher Guest cap off this wonderful comedy.

Naked Gun I

This is the finest work, in my opinion, by the people who brought you Airplane, Hot Shots, and the Police Squad TV series. It has so many hysterical moments, they defy listing here.  But the thing I like the most about it is the maturity of the entire film. Isn't that right, Mr. Poopy Pants?  And as if that wasn't enough, it features the best closing speech of any film, ever. "It's a topsy-turvy world Jane, and the problems of a couple of people probably don't amount to a hill of beans. But this is *our* hill. And these are *our* beans."  Pure genius!

How Leslie Nielsen didn't win an Academy Award for this role, I will never know. 

It's Enrico Pallazzo!!!

I know I'm leaving some fine comedies out, but the line has to be drawn somewhere.
Well, those are my favorites. Do you agree, or disagree? Email me your thoughts, because I love to discuss movies, or submit your own picks.

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