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Funny Book Titles

The Lion Attacked Claude Yarmoff
How to Write Big Books, Warren Peace
The Art of Archery, Beau N. Arrow
Songs for Children, Barbara Blacksheep
Irish Heart Surgery, Angie O'Plasty
Split Personalities, Jacqueline Hyde
Under the Bleachers, Seymour Butts
Desert Crossing, I. Rhoda Camel
School Truancy, Marcus Absent
I Was a Cloakroom Attendant, Mahatma Coate
I Lost My Balance, Eileen Dover and Phil Down
Mystery in the Barnyard, Hu Flung Dung
Positive Reinforcement, Wade Ago
Shhh! Danielle Soloud
The Philippine Post Office, Imelda Letter
Things to Do at a Party, Bob Frapples
Stop Arguing, Xavier Breath
Come on In! Doris Open
The German Bank Robbery, Hans Zupp
I Hate the Sun, Gladys Knight
Prison Security, Barb Dweyer
Irish First Aid, R.U. O'Kaye
My Career As a Clown, Abe Ozo
The World's Deadliest Joke, Theophilus Punoval
My Life on Skid Row, Titus A. Drum
I Didn't Do It! Ivan Alibi
Why I Eat at McDonalds, Tommy Ayk
I Hit the Wall, Isadore There
The Bruce Lee Story, Marsha Larts
Take This Job and Shove It, Ike Witt
Rapunzel Rapunzel, Harris Long
How I Won the Marathon, Randy Hoelway
Songs from "South Pacific" Sam and Janet Evening

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