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Top 12 Episodes of a TV Sitcom Starring Bill Gates

12. "Beverly Hills 90210.2" -- Bill is scammed out of his billions by a midriff baring vixen, only to have the money restored by Dylan, who somehow accomplishes this on a laptop while hanging around at the Peach Pit.

11. "Ally McBill" -- When Bill makes fun of the new attorney's micro-miniskirts, she kicks his ass. Janet Reno guest stars.

10. "The Brady Bunch" -- Marsha doesn't think her new boyfriend, Bill, is so groovy after he puts Bobby and Cindy's lemonade stand out of business.

9. "One's Company" -- Deciding that less company is best for him, zany Bill forces all his co-stars into early retirement.

8. "Petticoat Junction" -- The 3 girls from Hooterville make plans to seduce the new computer guru in town but change their minds when they hear the words "micro" and "soft."

7. "That 70's Show" -- When Bill gets his first summer job programming in COBOL, Y2K hilarity ensues.

6. "Mork & Mindy" -- Mork's dweeby cousin, Dork from Ork, visits Earth.

5. "Love Boat" -- The crew watches in horror as Captain Bill refuses to yield right-of-way to the oncoming supertanker USS Justice Department.

4. "Everybody Loves Bill" -- Bill begins to suspect that people love him for his money. Guest stars: Anne Nicole Smith, Carmen Electra, and the guy who married Martha Raye

3. "I Dream of Billy" -- Major Gates discovers a genie in a bottle who offers him the world; he refuses, saying, "I already own it!"

2. "Billigan's Island" -- Billigan builds a machine which is sure to get the castaways off the island -- but it keeps crashing!

and's Number 1 Episode of a TV Sitcom Starring Bill Gates...

1. "Family Matters" -- Urkel imagines what his adult life would be like if he had been born Caucasian.

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